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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Edgar Claude Hasler    -   1874 -1946

Continuing from Part 5:

Just when you think you have got some part of continuity with your research, along comes another document, that blew my mind.

It allowed me to believe that the family of the Newenham / Hasler's, still had a genuine interest in Ireland, way up till the late 1930's.
Before this find, I didn't know what to believe, as I had no family documentation to suggest they still had any interest in Ireland.
I was under the impression that all lands and inheritances  were disposed of, after Henry Hood died and the family lived on from that money. But not so.

One of Ireland's record services, had shown a document, listing Edgar's Uncle (Edward Persse Newenham - Henry Hood's second son), still had some portion of the lands in Knockbrack.
This was dated around the early 1920's (1922 I think). That's the only thing I knew after 1900, that the family had any connection to Ireland.

A few days ago, it was discovered that many years after Edward Persse Newenham died, that Edgar and his Aunty Caroline Anne Pitman (nee Newenham), controlled some of the Shallee Mine Lands up until 1937.
I was completely taken back, as it's the first confirmation, they still had a genuine interest in Ireland.

Edgar's "Will / Estate" never mentioned anything about lands of this nature. I believe he may have been acting as in an "assistant's" capacity, rather to be owning land. However, Edgar was involved directly with this business, but it remains unclear to what capacity.
I am more certain than before, that his business and family connection to Mining, was the driving force to his years of banter on the Mining Industry, Politicians and Council's, here in Melbourne and that of other parts of Australia.

But I am still in bewilderment, as to his family connection, that it didn't make him a very successful entrepreneur. I can only add, he knew of the business of the Mining very well, but wasn't taught the science of it. He had no degree's, but professed to have the knowledge.
The Australian Federal Government notes on Edgar (over various years), shows a slightly confused person, which indicates "why" Edgar, was never really successful.
IMHO, if Edgar had of gone to a University as such, got a degree and became a Dr (of science), you might have well said that he would have been the best Geologist / Miner you've ever seen.
But somewhere, lurking in the background, there's this little voice that keeps nagging me, to believe that his Brother-In-law, Phillip MacNevin, had something to do with the 1900's name change and persona change of : Edgar Claude Hasler becoming Kelwylyn Rawson Moure.
A circumstantial era with connotations of the exact same incident to that of Edgar's sister "Annie Henriette Hasler". Both Brother and Sister's name were changed in 1900-1903. The era that Phillip MacNevin came about.

Now, Caroline died within a year from this 1937 news paper publication.
Some Australian news paper clippings mention about Caroline's children having quite an estate. The son died early on and that it passed to a sibling and a friend. So this land may have been passed outside the family after the 1940's. But still not greatly researched. Though, the story is there.

Shallee Mines - K.R Moure and Caroline Anne Pitman Lease - 6th Nov 1937 - Nenagh Guardian


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